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Wednesday, November 01, 2006



Tigzirt is one of the departments of Tizou-Ouzou province North Eastern
Algeria, situated 130 km to the East of the capital Algiers, Iflissen is one of Tigzirt's boroughs with a population of 15000 Inhabitants situated to the East of Tigzirt, it's a very beautiful country side of 41 Villages which I would like to introduce to you as much as I could in this Web page, alongside the beautiful small town of Tigzirt with more or less the same size of population as Iflissen, as you can see in the map bellow this region is strategically located on the souther side of the Mediterranean sea, North East of Algeria, North Africa.

Iflissen Villages by name one by one.

01 - Adhrar, 02 - Aguni Mussi, 03 - Aifan, 04 - Ait Si Ali, 05 - Ait Yacin, 06 - Ait Yucef (Ait Youssef), 07- Arbi, 08 - Aguemun, 09 - Buqellal (Boukellal), 10 - Bumaghis, 11 - Ferawn, 12- Ichebubven, 13 - Idjaad, 14 - Ifalken, 15 - Ighil Busuel, 16 - Ighil Ighes, 17 - Iguern’Salem, 18 -Iguer n’Sar, 19 - Ihadaden, 20 - Iknach, 21 - Imsunen, 22 - Issenadjen, 23 - Issuqan, 24 - Laac u Falcu , 25 - Ouaness, 26 - Sidi Khaled, 27 - Taguercift, 28 - Takhamth Laalem, 29 - Tala n’Cheviha, 30 - Tala Tgana 31 - Tawrirt, 32 - Tawrirt n Iarbach 33 - Tawrirt nith Z’waw, 34- Tassenant, 35 - Thiger Tala, 36 - Thimizart, 37 -Thimlilin, 38 - Tissira, 39 - Tizi Temlelt, 40 -Taksebt, 41 - Ummaden.

Iflissen & Tigzirt Map (click on to enlarge)

Alittle bit of Roman History.

Please not all Pictures in this page are recently taken in octobre 2006, not in 2001, apart from the picture 5 and the Ruins taken in august 2006.

Click on pictures to enlarge

Roman coin found in Tigzirt in 1972

Tigzirt Roman Ruins

This Pot bellow found in my grandmothers house, served the household to store olive oil for more than 200years as members of family can remeber, perhaps it's mutch older, no one can tell it's exact age, I am very keen to trace it's exact origins.

Next time when ever I get a second chance maybe soon, I will take more pictures, provide this blog with more pictures of roman water facilities which still in existance and in use today, it's quite a striking and amazing preservation of history in these forgotten Iflissen villages of kabylia Algeria.
I have come across a roman coins pictured above found in 1972 in the roman Ruins of Tigzirt from the era of septum severus.

Iflissen & Tigzirt Videos

Video taken fron the Village of taguercift Iflissen

Approaching Tigzirt from Iflissen

Pictures of Iflissen Villages & the beautiful town of Tigzirt.

Pic 1) This huge stone called by the locals (ADHGHAGHABERKENE), which means the Black Stone, located in the Village of Taguercift, Iflissen, I have a lots of questions about it's existance, like where possible it may come from? There are no evidence of other stones aroud it apart from smaller ones covered by forest, which maybe the debris of it's impact if it's fallen from space, because there is no evidence of plates collision as you can see, I am not expert but have quetions, anyone of you have an idea, is welcome to comment about this subject or anything on this page.

Pic 2) The Villages of Ait Si Ali, Boukellal, Iguerensalem, & Arbi on the ridge.

Pic 3) Villages of Taguercift Ihedaden & Aifene

pic 4) Night Forest fire raging at 600 metres, behind our house in October

pic 5) Figs from Iflissen Kabylie August 2006

PIC 6) Taguercift Village Iflissen Tigzirt

Pic 7) Villages of Ihedadene & Agounimoussi, taken from Taguercift.

Pic 8) another picture of Taguercift, Ihedadene & Ighilighes

Pic 9) this is a wild bush which produces a rounded soft fruit called locally Issisnou, sorry no idea how is called in English or even french, it's found all over the forest of Iflissen alabhar I have seen it sold in London plant nurseries garden plants section.

Pic 10) Villagers of taguercift taking refuge in the shade

Pic 11) Here we are taking refuge in the shade of October sun

pic 12) One of Tigzirt streets

Pic 13) Tigzirt Town centre

Pic 14) New port of Tigzirt, almost finished

Pic 15) Rue Ahmed chafai (grande rue) Tigzirt

Pic 16) Newly built Algiers Houari Boumediene Airport

Pic 17) Algiers Airport 27 October 2006

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